About Us

We are a full-service company. If you live in another city, or just don't have time to coordinate the numerous activities involved in getting a house ready to sell, we'll make phone calls and run errands at the direction of you or your realtor. We can give access to the insurance agent, real estate appraiser, termite company, or home inspector, run documents to attorneys.

Every Agreement is created especially to your preferences. Most clients have us coordinate the pick-up of unsold items by the charity of their choice or ours. We coordinate everything from making the appointment, receiving the Charitable organization, waiting for them to pack and load the donatable items, obtain the receipt for non-cash donations, completing the details and values, and forwarding it to you for your accountant.


We pay all expenses connected with your estate or moving sale: Advertising, marketing, signage, staffing, display tables and table covers, supplies, insurance, accounting, and security. (Exceptions: Infrequently, a dumpster is needed. You can order it through your regular collection company. More often, a clean-out is necessary. This consists of the removal of items the charity won't take along with trash if there is no dumpster. The cost is almost always between $400 and $600). Although we will coordinate both of these exceptions when requested by you, these items will usually be paid by the client).


We create an inventory including images and initial selling prices of all items valued at $100 or greater. Those items are then ticketed with price tags. A copy of this Inventory is available to you at your request.

We create a list of any items you indicate you don't want sold. This list becomes Addendum A and is a part of the contract. We mark those items "Not for sale. Family is taking".


Most important items are sold by appointment before the public sale occurs. We do sales with no public portion when circumstances dictate it: (i.e., a full security building or community, someone still living in the home, and when it is your preference).


We sell automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, airplanes, precious gems and metals, collections, and important art and rugs for 25%. The estimated total of any one category of these items must be over $3,000 to qualify for the discounted commission. Sales of these items DO count toward your volume discounts.


Yes, we carry $1 million in liability insurance with Lloyds of London.


Diane is an accredited appraiser insures that your items will be priced by a knowledgeable person and the all-too-common costly mistakes will be avoided.


Every sale is recorded on our personalized sales slips and the customer is given a copy.


We accept all credit and debit cards which experts say increases our sales volume by an estimated 15%. We pay all the bank fees.

We also accept checks with proper ID. If a check is returned unpaid (bounces) and it isn't replaced, we suffer the loss, not you.


A professional estate liquidator can usually do in 2 weeks or less what will take a family well over a year to accomplish; family members may face taking additional off work, spinning their wheels, underestimating the amount of work, getting caught in family feuds, or slowed down by nostalgia.


As required by law, we charge the prevailing rate of sales tax for the jurisdiction in which your house is situated unless the buyer has a valid CA State Resale Permit. (Some liquidators include the sales tax in the price they charge the customer which effectively reduces your sales volume by the prevailing rate in your city. (For instance, in most of Los Angeles County the tax rate is 9%. So a $100 sale becomes $91.74.


We provide a complete written accounting report and payment in full within 15 business days of the conclusion of the sale. Other arrangements can be made at your request.