Antique Dealer's Home, Shop & Warehouse!

From the 80’s until this decade, an antique dealer and his partner lived, worked and sold from their two commercial (corner property) buildings  on the main business street in Tujunga, CA. On Jan. 17, 1994,  4:31 am, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit the San Fernando Valley, killing more than 60 and injuring more than 9,000. The partner’s home and business were Red Tagged, meaning it was unsafe to occupy. Because there was no visible damage to the buildings, they quietly continued to live there. But they couldn’t continue to do business there and didn’t have enough liquid assets to repair the building, so they leased an old empty market on Foothill in Sunland. They divided the space and opened a mall with numerous individual dealers. It operated successfully for about eight years.   Leaving the market/mall to a manager to operate, they leased a small store just north of the Pasadena Antique Center. They put their most important period pieces in that new space, thinking they wouldn’t have to work so hard and the upper scale neighborhood was a better place to market these items.  Once they were established, they closed the mall in Sunland.  During this time, they continued to live in the old building and continued to use it for storage.  Then in  2009, the youngest partner suddenly died.  The remaining partner was devastated. He was unable to carry on during his grief, and ultimately had an estate sale in their small store, selling their most valuable antiques and closing the shop.

 Due to the changing tastes of the buying public, he subsequently experienced a financial downturn.   He sold all the real estate he and his partner held together except for their prized commercial buildings in Tujunga where he continued to live, surrounded by all the many items they had continued to store there. Then he decided to retire. He sold the property and left the area, leaving most of the contents behind. The couple who purchased it have hired us to sell them.  They plan to restore the property into a live/work place for artists.

Approximately four times the merchandise you would see in any one house is here for pennies on the dollar. Decorative art, many original renderings, 100’s of antique and modern frames, dozens of mirrors, More than 200 antique and vintage chandeliers, (many needing repair) lamps, and wall sconces. Miles of colored and clear glass, figurines pottery pots, statuary, elements, furniture parts, and old pieces of antique furniture (some as early as 1860),  over 200 pairs of men’s shoes in excellent condition, hundreds of pounds of silver plated hollowware, and more!


Wear comfortable shoes, a coat and bring a flashlight for those dark corners. This is a two-story building and there is no handicapped accessibility.